My philosophy of life is to accept the convergence of the science of psychology with spirituality, remembering the influence of the inter-cultural exchange, which contributes to the unique development of each human being. Working together, if you so desire, we will explore new levels of understanding and acceptance of your rights to freedom, responsibility, and awareness of self.

I believe that we do not exist in a vacuum. We inevitably influence each other, and gain from every interaction with other human beings. We each are unique combinations of body, mind, and soul who interact with each other. We enrich from each encounter and each experience along our paths.

In the end, we are all companions in the path of life.

My passion for travelling around the world, learning of cultures and different languages has provided me with the interesting experience of listening to the meanings that people give to events in their lives. I have been fortunate to learn to perceive the different beliefs and symbols flowing through the stories that each person presents regarding their life experience. I embrace the interfaith acceptance of respect for each other.

I believe that there is no right or wrong way to beliefs or paths of life. As human beings, we all share the same basic needs: physiological needs (hunger, thirst), safety needs (being out of danger), belongingness and love needs (to be accepted, to belong), esteem needs (to achieve, to be competent, gain approval and recognition), cognitive needs (to know, understand, explore), aesthetic needs (symmetry, order, and beauty), and self-actualization needs (to find self-fulfillment, and realize one’s potential).

These needs connect us to each person we encounter throughout our lives. Each and every one of us is indispensable and essential. We are part of a whole, and we all relate as such.

Real Consciousness Psychology

The awareness of emotions, perceptions, sensations, and the internal processing of experience can create positive change and harmony in finding peace and balance of not only one’s own body, mind and soul but also reaching out and influencing in a healing way those we interact with in our everyday lives. We become inspiring waves on a peaceful ocean of peace. Being Real to yourself is the first ripple that expands into living Consciousness. Real Consciousness Psychology is making the most of every moment, appreciating every experience and every person that you encounter, loving unconditionally and intensely.

When you feel tossed about by emotions, like inside a rough wave stronger than you, look inside yourself and firmly believe that something fantastic is going to come out of this temporary situation. In your heart, there is a source of potential waiting just for a breath of hope and faith to burst into wonderful flames of marvelous opportunities. It is in those moments that your existence becomes essential to connect with others and you can bring your light. Even when you will be gone into the spiritual world, every second of light will always remain to continue illuminating the hearts of those with whom you interacted. Make the most of every moment, appreciate every experience and love intensely. –Reida Real, Psychologist-.