Helplines & Distress Centres

Crime Victims Assistance Centre                                                     1-800-492-2822

Centre d’intervention Le Faubourg (suicide prevention)                 1-800-661-0101

Drugs : Help and Referral                                                                1-800-265-2626

Gay Line                                                                                           1-888-505-1010

Gambling : Help and Referral                                                  1-800-461-0140

Kids Help Phone                                                                           1-800-668-6868

Parents Line                                                                                      1-800-361-5085

Spousal Abuse                                                                                              1-800-363-9010

Tel-jeunes                                                                                          1-800-263-2266

Social Emergency for Youth Protection                                           1-800-361-8665



Kids Help Phone/ Jeunesse J’écoute                                    Tel. : 1-800-668-6868

Tel-Jeunes                                                                             Tel. : 514-228-2266

Youth Protection Center.Tel. : 514-896-3100

(Direction de la protection de la jeunesse de Montréal-DPJ)

Youth and Family Centers Batshaw                                            Tel.: 514-935-6196
Language: English.

Youth Social Emergency/Urgence Sociale Jeunesse.            Tel.: 514-896-3300



Alcoholics Anonymous/Alcooliques Anonymes                   Tel.: 514-376-9230

Depressed Anonymous/Déprimés Anonymes                                   Tel.: 514-278-2130

Drugs: Help and Referrals/

Drogue: Aide et référence                                                   Tel.: 514-527-2626

Face to Face / Face to Face                                        Tel.: 514-934-4546

Gay Line/ Gai Écoute                                                   Tel.: 514-866-0103

Gambling : Help and Referrals/

Jeu : Aide et référence                                                   Tel. : 514-527-0140

Parents Line/La ligne parents                                    Tel.: 514-288-5555

Offers a listening service for parents having trouble dealing with their children. They can also refer you to support groups in your area. 24 hrs/ 7days, week.

Sexual Assault/Agression sexuelle                                       Tel.: 514-934-4504

Spousal Abuse/ S.O.S. Violence conjugale:                          Tel.: 514-873-9010

Referral and listening service, 24 h / 7 days.  Languages: French, English. (Montréal)

Other regions of Québec                                                        Tel: 1-800-363-9010

Suicide Action – 24 hour Service.                                         Tel.: 514-723-4000

Listening and referral service, telephone intervention. 24h/7 jours. Information workshops, support groups. Languages: French, English.

Tel-Aide                                                                                Tel.: 514-935-1101

Bilingual Service of listening and referral 24h/7days.
Languages: French, English



Cavac (Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels)                    Tel. : 514-277-9860 Tel. : 514-277-9860

Ivac (Indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels)                        Tel. : 514-906-3019 1-800-561-4822



ANEB Quebec.                                                                     Tel.: 514-630-0907

For persons suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binging disorders.

Carpe Diem. Centre therapeutique des troubles alimentaires.

380 Chemin du Domaine. Saint-Ludger. QC.                         Tel.: 819- 548-5841 /

Douglas Hospital. Adolescent Psychiatric Department.

6875 Lasalle Boulevard. Montreal. QC.                                  Tel. : 514-761-6131, ext. 2117

Ste-Justine Hospital. Eating Disorder Clinic. Adolescent Medicine Service.

3175 Côte Ste-Catherine. Montreal. QC.                    Tel. : 514-345-4721


LEGAL INFORMATION: Legal advocacy, information about rights, functioning of the judicial system, and procedures. Dossiers follow-up, support to victims.

Centre communautaire juridique de Montréal                    Tél. : 514-849-9488

Access to free services from lawyers or notaries for people of low revenue. Languages: French, English

Centre de références pour femmes/ Tél. : 514-842-4780

/ Centre des femmes de Montréal : Volunteer lawyer available, consultation by appointment, (donations welcomed), information and accompaniment to court.

Commission des services juridiques                                     Tél. : 514-873-3562

To learn about the local office of judicial help. 

Communic’ation                                                                    Tél. : 514-280-3546

Service of information for victims under conditions of remission of prisoners        (release date, appearances, inquiries, cautions). Languages: French, English.

Heads and Hands Inc.           Tél. : 481-3643/481-0277

Inform’elle                                                                            Tél. : 450-443-8221

Judicial information on the phone or in person. Referral centre. Courses on family rights.  Languages: French, English

McGill Legal Information Clinic (MLIC)                           Tel.: 514-398-6792

/Clinique d’aide légale: Free legal information and suggestions relating to all areas of the law to students and the community at large. The clinic is run by student volunteers (supervised by professors) and provides information, not advice. Langues : French, English.

“Y” des femmes (YMCA)                                                     Tel. : 514-866-9941



Assistance aux femmes de Montréal Inc. Tel. : 514-270-8291

Women’s Shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. Intervention with immigrant women and their children. Languages: French, English, Spanish.

L.O.V.E. (Leave Out Violence)                                                       Tel.: 514-938-0006

Helping those who have been affected by violence (victim, witness or perpetrator).

McGill Domestic Violence Clinic                                                     Tél.: 514-398-2686

Counselling by Social Work Master-students with professors’ supervision. Clients: women and men with or without children involved in violence. Individual and group meetings for women victims of domestic violence, group for men batterers. Couple meetings (post-violence). Languages: French, English.

Fondation Pleins Pouvoirs                                                                Tél.: 514-990-7124

Formation on prevention of violence, personal security, self-defence for children, adolescents, and adults. Languages: English.



Listening, referral and consultation services (24 h/7 days). Types of Interventions: psychosocial, crises, children and adolescents, individual and group supports, accompaniment and support in leaving, juridical information, orientation and follow-up post-relocated. Formations, conferences, prevention, sensitization to different environments. Access to program “SAUVER”, a system of emergency assistance for victims of  domestic violence (alarm system).

Region: Centre of Montreal.



Abortion Clinique/Clinique d’avortement                                       Tel.: 514-270-6114



Royal Victoria Hospital. Women’s pavilion, 6th.fl. 687 Pine Ave.West Tel.:514-843-1650


Ovo Fertility Clinic. 8000 Decarie Blvd., suite 100. Tel.:514-798-2000


Procrea Clinic.5845 Ch.Cote-des-Neiges. Tel.:514-341-6590


Pregnancy Help/Grossesse-Secours                                                Tel.: 514-271-0554

Services of individual help and support to pregnant women. Phone listening, consultations, information, and referral. Part-time Child-care from Monday to Thursday (13h00 to 16h30), clothes bank, pregnancy test, and home visit post-partum. In case of emergency: diaper bank, milk for babies.   Languages: French, English.


CLSC (Centre Local De Services Communautaires)

All CLSCs offer the line INFO-SANTÉ-CLSC, a telephone service availabe 24 hours/7 days. The C.L.S.Cs offer basic services on domestic violence: evaluation of injuries and identification of medical and psychosocial needs, psychosocial listening and support, information, referral. Many CLSCs offer group therapies, services for witnessing children, and violent partners. (Note: the CLSCs serve with priority populations resident in their area of coverage.)

Veuillez utiliser la fonction de recherche par code postal sur le site du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux :


CRISIS CENTERS: Evaluation Services, referral, short term accommodation. Individual and group intervention, telephone support, community follow-up.

Centre de crise Iris :  Language: French.                                          Tel. : 514-388-9233
entre de crise l’Autre Maison :  Language: French.                                   Tel. : 514-768-7225

Écomotion:   Languages: French, English. Referral Centre               Tel. : 514-699-5935

Tracom:  Languages: French, English, possibility of other                Tel. : 514-483-3033

Le Transit:  Languages : French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.            Tel. : 514-282-7753



Montreal SAW Community Center.                                                Tel.: 514-485-9192

South Asian Women’s Association                                                  Tel.: 514-937-4714

Montreal Sexual Assault Centre (Confidential Address)

Tel.Helpline: 514-934-4504

Office: 934-0354       Fax number: 934-3776
Office: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17:00

Languages: French, English

▫   For those who have been sexually assaulted recently or in the past, or are incest survivors: counselling and psycho-social support; medical assessment and treatment; information on police and court procedures; court accompaniment; public education.

▫   Medical Services: For medical services during office hours (listed above) go to

CLSC Metro, 1801 Blvd. de Maisonneuve West, Montreal. After hours (Monday-Friday 17:00- 8:00, weekends and holidays) the service is offered at the Montreal General hospital. The medical services are part of a network of 24-hour sexual assault services.

Montreal General Hospital Emergency Department.                        Tel.: 514- 934-8090
1650 Cedar Avenue. Montreal, Quebec. H3G 1A4     Hours: 24-hour service

▫   Clientele: Sexual assault survivors/victims. Territory: Montreal.

▫   Language: Designated English

Medical Services for Sexual Assault Victims –

Hôtel Dieu de Montréal Tel.: 514-843-2645

Fax: 843-2701            Hours: 24-hour service

Montreal General Hospital Emergency Department. 3840 St. Urbain. Montreal, Qc.
▫   Clientele: Francophone, adult sexual assault victims. Territory: Greater Montreal.

Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS)

Tel. Helpline: 514-398-8500      Info Line: 514-398-2700    Fax number: 514-398-7490

William and Mary Brown Building.    3600 McTavish, Suite 5200.Montreal, Qc. Hours: ▫   Clientele: Female and male survivors of sexual assault, harassment & violence.

(Open to all: NOT restricted to students).       Territory: Montreal. ▫   Language: English

▫   Information and referral. Crisis line. Support groups: Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse; Friends, Partners & Family of Survivors; Women & Men with Eating Disorders.

▫   The “Accompaniment Team” assists and accompanies McGill students involved in the university with the sexual harassment/sexual assault complaint process.

▫   The “Outreach Program” facilitates discussion groups presented in the community.



Centre communautaire gais et lesbiennes de Montréal                  Tél. : 514- 528-8424

Centre de référence et d’information pour la communauté des lesbiennes et des gais. Soirées d’information sur l’immigration. Bibliothèque et centre de documentation. Conférences et informations juridiques. Langue : français

Dire enfin la violence                                                                        Tél. : 514-816-9585

Organisme d’aide pour les gais, lesbiennes, bisexuels, travestis et transsexuels victimes de discrimination et de violence. Écoute, accompagnement, références. Services gratuits et confidentiels. français, english.

Gay Line/ Gai Écoute                                                                                   Tel. : 514-866-0103

Gai écoute                                                                                         Tél. : 514-521-1508

Centre d’écoute, de référence et d’information pour lesbiennes et gais. Français, english.

Group Intervention in domestic violence for lesbians /Groupe d’intervention en violence conjugale chez les lesbiennes                     Tél. : 514-990-1518

Intervention auprès des lesbiennes victimes violence conjugale, groupes de soutien pour lesbiennes violentées et pour lesbiennes ayant des comportements violents.: français, english.

Projet 10 Tél. : 514-989-4585

Services pour les jeunes lesbiennes, gais et bisexuels de 14 à 25 ans. Ligne d’écoute et de référence, groupes de soutien, intervention individuelle, activités sociales, ateliers sur l’orientation sexuelle. Langues : français, anglais